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Rainbow Certified

Bisexual Babes LGBTQ+ Sticker

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These three gorgeous babes rocking the colours of the bisexual pride flag in their flower crowns. This is also a great subtle pride design! 

Each sticker is 6.5cm and is waterproof on transparent vinyl! Although we recommend not putting it through the dishwasher in order to prolong the life of the sticker. 

*Product shipped from the Canada*

  • Where Do We Ship From?

    All of our stickers, pins, patches, ornaments, & button-up shirts are all shipped from our home base in Canada. Our apparel is made and shipped from various locations including the EU,UK,CAD,USA. Each item will share where it is being shipped from in the item description.

  • Want to Stock Rainbow Certified?

    If you are interested in stocking Rainbow Certified in your store feel free to send us an email at! We also have a wholesale account on Faire! Feel free to check our Wholesale section located under our Customer Care section at the footer of our website.