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Rainbow Certified

Around the World PRIDE Iron-On Patch

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Our Around the World PRIDE design is now an Iron-On Patch! Add these patches to bags, clothes, blankets, backpacks etc to add a bit extra! The patches will come with application and washing instructions.

Patch is 6cm


  • Lay the garment & patch on a flat surface and position where you want the patch to be
  • Make sure your iron is on the highest setting
  • Iron firmly for 30-45 sec, in a slow circular motion, and then flip garment inside out and repeat the ironing on this side for 30-45 sec.
  • Wait several minutes for patch to cool down, if edges are lifted repeat the steps

Patches are washing machine safe, however hand washing is preferred. If edges lift after wash, repeat steps listed above.

*Product is shipped from Canada*

  • Where Do We Ship From?

    All of our items are shipped from our home office in Ontario Canada!

  • Want to Stock Rainbow Certified?

    If you are interested in stocking Rainbow Certified in your store feel free to send us an email at! We also have a wholesale account on Faire! Feel free to check our Wholesale section located under our Customer Care section at the footer of our website.